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Vanilla Minecraft boasts two distinct melee weapons, the sword and the axe. Basic Weapons looks to expand on these two weapons with 5 new offerings which have a distinct playstyle and optimal use scenario, much like vanilla weapons.

What weapons are there?

Basic Weapons adds 5 new weapons

Which weapon should I use?

  • Dagger - Low damage, high attack speed. This weapon works well for adventurers that need to be light on their feet in battle, dashing in and out of combat.
  • Hammer - Very high damage, very low attack speed. This weapon can do staggering amounts of damage, and flings targets into the air. The hammer is quite situational - it won't shine much in most combat situations, but when it does, it really does.
  • Club - High damage, low attack speed. The club slows enemies briefly when hit, and works well as a weapon for those used to the vanilla sword that may want a little more damage and single target utility.
  • Quarterstaff - Low damage, medium attack speed. The quarterstaff excels at multi-target crowd control. Like the vanilla sword, its sweeping attacks keep enemies at bay, but with higher attack speed and reach it is comparatively more effective with large crowds.
  • Spear - Medium damage, medium attack speed. This weapon is for those who like to keep their enemies at further than arm's reach. As long as Better Combat is installed, the spear will be able to attack enemies around 4 blocks away from you - much further than standard weapons!

Better Combat Integration

Basic Weapons works as a standalone mod, but really shines when paired with Better Combat. Better Combat overhauls Minecraft's combat system, adding fresh new animations for each weapon & enabling the spear & quarterstaff to hit targets further away.

For those who don't wish to use Better Combat, the cheaper cost of the spear and quarterstaff weapons still makes them a competitive choice.